Migrating from Appium desktop app to Appium 1.6 CLI for testing iOS 10 with XCUITest

I do test automation for an iOS application and have been struggling to support iOS 10. Since the iOS 10 release the UI Automation Instrument is deprecated and now it uses Xcode UI Testing. To […]

Test Doubles: creating a Test Stub

In this series of posts about Test Doubles we’ve looked at the manual and tool-aided creation of a dummy object. Now it’s time to discuss the creation of a stub. The stub is defined as […]

Test Doubles: creating a Dummy Object using a mocking framework

In this series of posts about Test Doubles we’ll look at five examples. In the previous post we looked the manual creation of a dummy object. The conclusion was that the manual approach is functional […]

Test Doubles: creating a Dummy Object manually

In this series of posts about Test Doubles we’ll look at five examples. The Dummy Object is the first and most straightforward. Its definition is: A placeholder object that is passed to the SUT as […]

4 Tips for Test Automation on Android 7

As a mobile app tester I am always eager to try the newest OS releases. So when the latest Android version was released, I obviously wanted to run my automated test scripts on that version […]

Test Doubles for the win

Test Doubles

When writing unit or contract tests you encounter situations in which you need mock things. Given you want to test a method in Class A that uses a collaborator (class / interface B). When you […]

Learn Development Practices To Improve Your Test Automation Code

This was originally posted on testhuddle. Test automation is a prominent part of testing. To improve your test automation code, you should look at development practices. Creating clean code is a good practice to improve […]

JMeter and WebDriver – Why would you want to combine them?

3 Reasons to combine JMeter and WebDriver in performance testing a webapplication What is JMeter good at? The Apache Foundation states the following about JMeter: The **Apache JMeter™ **desktop application is open source software, a […]

Using IBM Rational Functional Tester for the first time

Last May I started my Polteq career with extensive test training, since my work experience so far was not in software testing. In my first assignment I joined a Scrum team that is using IBM […]

Scroll to an element with Selenium WebDriver

We need to take into account that a web element, for instance a button, can dynamically go out of view depending on the screen resolution we test with. So how do we wait for an […]

Trash Talk: Throw away test automation

I quite often tell clients that their approach to test automation is not sustainable, this got me thinking, does test automation always have to be sustainable and reusable? This all depends on the goal you’re […]

JMeter and WebDriver – 2 ways to combine them effectively

In my previous post I wrote about why it can be useful to combine running load tests in combination with functional automated tests (checks). In this post I will go in a bit deeper and give […]

Setting up a device or emulator in Eclipse and Appium

When using test automation for Mobile you can use Eclipse and Appium to connect to your device or emulator. Setting up device capabilities is quite easy and can be used for both setups. Below are […]

Assertion chaining with Hamcrest

In some cases we want to assert more than one thing in a test. For instance when testing a financial application with a chart of accounts that contains multiple calculated fields. Those fields change after […]

A guide to clear assertions with Hamcrest

A good practice in test automation is the use of Descriptive And Meaningful Phrases (also known as DAMP). This means that our tests clearly tell us what they do in language that is relevant to […]