A Standalone PerfMon Agent (2.2.1)

JMeter Plugins has a plugin called PerfMon Agent – which offers a way to collect metrics on your server health. The PerfMon Agent needs to be downloaded and installed separately and is not a standard package within the Apache JMeter releases. The PerfMon Agent is a Java command line tool, so you’ll need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) as a prerequisite on the machine/node you are monitoring. To run the PerfMon Agent itself no administrator rights are required. However, most of the times the machines i test against are managed by third parties, and the installation of software is not something a sysadmin welcomes warmly. Also, from this same perspective we would like to keep essential machines as clean as possible, right?

So, how do i deal with this? As the monitoring agent is a command line java application, there actually is a way to include a JRE release within the package itself, and thus the installation of JRE on the host machine is not required anymore. This will save you from discussions about whether it is permissible installing ‘things’ on machines or on the other hand having sufficient (user account) rights to do so. Just unpack the zipfile and run the agent where needed!

The following link contains a standalone package configured for windows machines (Java JRE x64 included). You can use the StartAgent.bat file in the regular way, or edit and provide additional parameters (such as other listening ports).

URL: https://ufile.io/w7jw7

Good luck 🙂

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