A Standalone PerfMon Agent (2.2.1)

5.0 02 JMeter Plugins has a plugin called PerfMon Agent – which offers a way to collect metrics on your server health. The PerfMon Agent needs to be downloaded and installed separately and is not […]

JMeter and WebDriver – Why would you want to combine them?

2.0 01 3 Reasons to combine JMeter and WebDriver in performance testing a webapplication What is JMeter good at? The Apache Foundation states the following about JMeter: The **Apache JMeter™ **desktop application is open source […]

JMeter and WebDriver – 2 ways to combine them effectively

5.0 02 In my previous post I wrote about why it can be useful to combine running load tests in combination with functional automated tests (checks). In this post I will go in a bit deeper […]