Trash Talk: Throw away test automation

I quite often tell clients that their approach to test automation is not sustainable, this got me thinking, does test automation always have to be sustainable and reusable? This all depends on the goal you’re […]

Accept Security Certificate Warning Internet Explorer

<code lang="java"> public void acceptCertificateWarning() { System.setProperty("", this.getClass() .getClassLoader().getResource("IEDriverServer.exe") .getPath()); WebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver(); driver .navigate() .to("javascript:document.getElementById('overridelink').click()"); } </code>

Selenium IDE Introduction

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a tool that we can use to develop automated test scripts. It has record-and-playback functionality, but we can also write the test scripts ourselves by manually entering the commands. […]

Exexute test scripts in different browsers

In this tutorial we are going to execute test scripts in different browsers. Prerequisites It is necessary to download the Selenium standalone server, IEDriverServer and chromedriver. ( In practice We need to start Selenium standalone […]

Dealing with AJAX functionality

Some websites are using AJAX to modify the graphical user interface (GUI) without being reloaded. In this tutorial we are going to record website functionality which is using AJAX. We can use waitFor commands, like: […]

Store information from the page

With Selenium IDE we can store data and use it later. There are a couple of actions to store data, like: store, storeValue, storeText. In practice We like to store the text from a specific […]

Modify a test script

In this tutorial we will modify a test script by adding some commands manually. Prerequisites We can use the test script created in the previous tutorial, but now we want to change the language without […]

Record a test script

In this tutorial we are going to record a test script with Selenium IDE. Prerequisites Ensure that the record button is enabled. Selenium IDE automatically opens in record mode, otherwise you need to click on […]

Using Selenium IDE for the first time

Selenium IDE comes as a Firefox plug-in and has an easy-to-use user interface. Although the interface is very intuitive the most frequently used parts are explained in this section. Prerequisites As we are going to […]

Parallel Test Execution – Introduction

Selenium tests tend to be slow because they are simulating the end-users behavior. Selenium tests run by default in a sequential predefined order. By using TestNG (a Java testing framework) we are able to run […]