Locating child elements

A frequently used element which can have children is the list element. There are different kinds of list elements, like: definition list <df>, ordered list <ol> and unordered list <ul>. Each list item below the […]

Locating elements by attribute

In this example we will see how we can locate HTML elements based on their attributes. HTML elements can have multiple attributes, which are defined in the start element. An attribute always consist of a […]

Locating elements by tag

The HTML language consists of a set of markup tags to describe web pages. Generally speaking we call them HTML tags. HTML tags are surrounded by angle brackets and they normally come in pairs, like […]

Access in-browser Development Tools

Most common browsers have some built-in development tools. These tools will help you to reveal the page and understand how the page is structured. This all sounds good, but they all have their own look […]

Locators – Introduction

Locators are the way to tell Selenium with which web element we like to do something (It can be anything, like: clicking, typing, selecting, verifying, etc.). Selenium provides different ways of locating those web elements; […]

Locating table cells

In the past tables were used to structure (lay-out) the entire page. There are many disadvantages with using tables, like they use more bytes of markup, they prevent incremental rendering, tables break text while copying, […]

Locating sibling elements

Sibling elements do have something special in common, specifically they share the same parent. We can use this type of selector if one of the siblings doesn’t have an unique identifier. The following HTML code […]

Locating dynamic elements

Some websites will dynamically render the web page elements. It can be a huge challenge to select those elements. There are a couple of ways to locate those elements. In this example we will see […]

Validating the located element

Sometimes the HTML code of an given application is really unstructured and unreadable. That makes it hard to locate the web-page elements. Therefore it could be useful to validate the located element to see if […]