Run your Selenium tests in the cloud with TestingBot

Ideally you want to run your tests in all different browsers on all platforms. It can be achieved with Selenium Grid. Setting up Selenium Grid might be an time-consuming task and you have to deal […]

Launch Selenium node with a JSON configuration file

Problem We can set parameters to the node in order to configure them. We can set for example the maximum number of concurrent tests, platform, browserName and so on. We can use those values in […]

Run test scripts against Selenium Grid

Problem In order to run test scripts against Selenium Grid, we have to make minor changes. This recipes will show us how we can define capabilities to match a node. Prerequisites Make sure the desired […]

Add nodes to the Selenium Grid Hub

Problem We can add nodes to the Selenium Grid Hub, now the hub is up and running. This recipe will describe how to launch Selenium instances and register them to the hub so it starts […]

Launching the Selenium Grid Hub

Problem We want to start Selenium HUB, which is the central point in the Grid that will receive all Selenium commands and route them to the right node. Prerequisites Download the latest version of selenium-server-standalone.jar […]

Selenium Grid introduction

Selenium Grid allows us to have multiple Selenium instances on multiple machines and then have one point to send Selenium commands to. We can specify the operating system / browser and browser version where we […]