A Standalone PerfMon Agent (2.2.1)

5.0 02 JMeter Plugins has a plugin called PerfMon Agent – which offers a way to collect metrics on your server health. The PerfMon Agent needs to be downloaded and installed separately and is not […]

4 Tips for Test Automation on Android 7

4.5 02 As a mobile app tester I am always eager to try the newest OS releases. So when the latest Android version was released, I obviously wanted to run my automated test scripts on […]

Scroll to an element with Selenium WebDriver

3.1 20 We need to take into account that a web element, for instance a button, can dynamically go out of view depending on the screen resolution we test with. So how do we wait […]

Setting up a device or emulator in Eclipse and Appium

4.1 09 When using test automation for Mobile you can use Eclipse and Appium to connect to your device or emulator. Setting up device capabilities is quite easy and can be used for both setups. […]

Assertion chaining with Hamcrest

5.0 02 In some cases we want to assert more than one thing in a test. For instance when testing a financial application with a chart of accounts that contains multiple calculated fields. Those fields […]

A guide to clear assertions with Hamcrest

5.0 01 A good practice in test automation is the use of Descriptive And Meaningful Phrases (also known as DAMP). This means that our tests clearly tell us what they do in language that is […]

Retrieve all testcase data with HP QC OTA and Python

3.4 12 During my current assignment I was asked if I could provide the data table parameters I used in all my HP Quick Test Pro test cases. Normally this would mean opening QTP, export […]

Snel prototypen met HP QTP. Het kan!

3.6 10 3 belangrijke aspecten van prototypen in QTP In de snelle wereld van Agile zijn we wellicht geneigd om aan kleinere opensource tools te denken als het om prototypen gaat voor test automatisering. Het […]

Inject the Sizzle CSS selector library

5.0 01 Problem We might experience some locator issues during the transition from Selenium 1 to Selenium WebDriver. We face these issues because Selenium WebDriver stays strict to the CSS standard. It might that :contains(‘text’) […]