Create a project

There are two ways of creating a project. You can do it either with maven (build manager) or without. I will explain both ways in this tutorial.

Normal project creation

  1. Create a Java project by right clicking on the left panel and select new -> project


Use maven to create a project

  1. Create a Maven Project by right clicking on the left panel and select new -> Other... and choose Maven Project. It will prompt you with a wizard.
  2. Click Create a simple project and click on Next.
  3. Now you are asked to enter a Group Id and Artifact Id. Those fields act as an address to the project. Group Id specifies an unique name (and location) amongst an organization. Artifact Id is the identifier of the project.


  4. Click on Finish and it will create the skeleton of the project.

Add dependencies to your project

There are two ways of adding dependencies as well. You have to select the same method (manual or Maven) that you used to create the project in previous section.

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