Locating sibling elements

4.5 02 Sibling elements do have something special in common, specifically they share the same parent. We can use this type of selector if one of the siblings doesn’t have an unique identifier. The following […]

Parallel Test Execution – Introduction

0.0 00 Selenium tests tend to be slow because they are simulating the end-users behavior. Selenium tests run by default in a sequential predefined order. By using TestNG (a Java testing framework) we are able […]

Page Object Model – Introduction

5.0 01 Creating Selenium test cases can result in an unmaintainable project. One of the reasons is that too many duplicated code is used. Duplicated code could be caused by duplicated functionality and this will […]

Measure Performance – Introduction

0.0 00 We can measure the websites performance using Selenium WebDriver. There are a couple of ways to improve the performance of the application under test, but first we need to know where the bottleneck […]

Implementing a Testing Framework Introduction

2.7 03 This chapter will cover all the basic things we need to know when creating a new test automation project. By the end of this chapter you should be able to set up a […]

Locators – Introduction

0.0 00 Locators are the way to tell Selenium with which web element we like to do something (It can be anything, like: clicking, typing, selecting, verifying, etc.). Selenium provides different ways of locating those […]